Wednesday, September 26, 2007

10 Loaded Words (Section 1)

Masive pg42 (-)
Slave pg48 (-)
Flakey pg55 (-)
Diabetic pg60 (-)
Taut pg67 (-)
Death pg67 (-)
weak pg68 (-)
Strong pg68 (+)
Slender pg70 (+)
Chicken legs pg 70 (-)

In this section Julie's new brother is born and everyone is happy. Julie is so jelous of her brother because he is loved by everyone and most of all he is healthy. Julie went to the doctors and the doctor told her not to eat specific foods but Julie's mom forced her to eat what ever she wasn't supposed to. they also had Veteran's living in their house because if they let veterans live with them they will get more money and won't have to pay for a lot of things like food and electric bills and stuff like that.

My reaction on this section is that i think the mom just wants attention on her because she always brings julie to the doctor even when Julies feeling fine. Julie's mom also tells Julie's dad that Julie and her brother do really bad things even though they didn't do anything.

Outside reading section 1 summary

Julie is a very sickly child as her mom would say as she went to the doctor more than twice a week. Julie is weak but she is not as sick as her mom thinks she is. sometimes Julie feels sick and needs to go to the doctor but her mom would tell the doctor she is really sick and lie about what's really wrong with Julie. Usually Julie would have headaches but her mom would say she 's vomiting , doesn't want to eat, and maybe even having a fever. Julie doesn't really know why her mom does this but she just goes with whatever her mom says.

My reaction on this section is that i think the mom really want's to find out what is wrong with her daughter but she is making Julie more sick than she really is and if she keeps doing this she is never going to figure out what is wrong with her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

this i believe assignment

1. A link to the essay
2. Author
Robin Baudie
The strange Blessing that Brought Me Home sentence of what the belief is
I believe in a strange blessing
5.2 examples in the story that showed their belief
one example is that the hurricane brought her closer to her family
second she doesn't have back pains anymore
6.1 favorrite passage
the hurricane that took my home away brought me home

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One goal I have

One goal I have at the High school is to get straight A's. Last year I didn't really study enough for tests so I wasn't able to get all A's but hopefully I will be able to do better this year. This year i'm going to try harder and hope that i can achieve my goal.

One thing I'm anxious about at EHS

One thing I'm anxious about at the Edina High School is getting to know new people and making new friends. I'm also anxious about my classes because they are going to be different from middle school classes. Overall I'm pretty excited to be in high school.