Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside Post 3

In "The Sea Inside" I think the camera technique that is used the most is close-up because when ever they are very emotional in the movie they have a close-up of their faces. They also use high angle to look at Ramon when he is lying in the bed i think this makes him feel smaller than others and to feel useless. In the movie they also used dolly a couple of times to show that they are angry. When the attorney was looking at the poems Ramon had written they used an extreme close up at the letters and at her face to show her facial expressions at the time. There were a lot of techniques used in this movie but I think most of them were used to show the actors feelings and expressions.

The Sea Inside Post 2

I think the biggest difference between "The Sea Inside" and "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" was that in "The Sea Inside" Ramon wanted to die and in "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" jean didn't. Ramon would always ask people to let him die but no one would help him. Jean Dominque never asked to die but instead wrote a book telling people how it's like living in a locked in syndrome. i think Ramon had more freedom then Jean because Ramon was able to talk and move his head. I also think Jean is stronger than Ramon because jean tried to live his life even though he couldn't move and Ramon just wanted to die.

The Sea Inside Post 1

I think Ramon had a right to die and when the court said no i was really surprised because I think each person has a right to die or live. When his family didn't let Ramon die I had two different reactions , one was Ramon shouldn't die because it would make everyone really sad and someone would be convicted of murder, but on the other hand i thought Ramon should be able to die because he doesn't want to suffer anymore. In the end when Ramon explained how he was able to die without getting the courts permission i thought was really clever because if one person helped him they would go to jail but Ramon had multiple people helping him. I also thought it was smart of him to video tape it so everyone knows that he wanted to die and it wasn't anyone else fault.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week 5

In this section Julie's mom and Dad are constantly yelling at each other. one day Julie's mom was yelling at Julie's dad and he got so mad he took it out on Julie. Julie's dad grabbed Julie by the head and started yelling at her about dropping her kleenexes everywhere, Julie started tell her dad that it wasn't her but her mom would just say she's always making excuses and not to believe her. Julie's dad believed julie's mom and slammed Julie's head on the corner of the coffee table. At that moment Julie didn't even cry because she was sure that she would die. In that split second she felt relief because she could die and not live in this world anymore. After this has happened Julie finally wanted to come out and tell the world what she was going threw. One day Julie went up to her brother and wanted him to go with her and tell everyone about their parents but when julie asked if he remembered all the things their parents did he just say no and didn't agree to anything julie said. when this had happened Julie went alone to tell her psychologist by herself but they didn't believe her instead they thought Julie was crazy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Week 4, Part 2

In this section the doctor's have finally figured out what was wrong with Julie but they wern't absolutly right. Julie's mom was so happy that Julie was going to the hospital but not because she knew Julie was getting better it was because that way she knew Julie was very sick. After Julie got home from the hospital her mom was really upset because that meant that julie was okay for awhile. when they got home Julie's mom got a horse for julie because had nothing to do when she wasn't at the doctor's. Julie was really happy to have a horse because when she was riding it, it was the only time Julie wasn't controlled by her mom.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quotes from Memoir (Week 4, Part 1)

Sickened by Julie Gregory
"honey do you look alright/ You're looking a little peak-id." (p 17)
This quote is often said by julie's mom even though julie looks find, it was another excuse to get julie to the doctors.
"I mean I try to get her into the 4-h, she's tired. We get in the car, she's carsick. i mean, I'm a good mother, what did I do to deserve this?"(p 102)
These are the word mrs. gregory tells the doctor about julie.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Reflection on "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

After reading this book i feel really lucky to be who i am. Just thinking of being in a locked in syndrome is very scary. If i was in a locked in syndrome and the only way to communicate with the outside world was by blinking my eye lid i would be so scared. I do not think i would even want to live anymore and i would never have written a book if i was unable to move. I wouldn't know what to do because i would not be able to talk to anyone. The way Jean Dominique describes how he is in this locked in syndrome must have been really hard i can not even imagine writing a book by a blink of an eye. When I am reading this book i always think about how much time Jean Dominique had on his hand. I also think about if Jean Dominique hadn't written this book we would never know how he lived during the time he was in a locked in syndrome. Not only would it be hard for Jean to communicate, but also it would have been hard for Jean's children to communicate with him. Jean probably wrote this book just to tell us not to give up and even if you can not move you can still accomplish a lot of things. I have also realized that i should be happy with who i am because time if something happens like what happened to Jean Dominique your life could be taken from you in a split second.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 Part 2

In the book sickened i sort of feel sad for julie because of what her mom does to her but on the side of me i don't feel bad for her because she doesn't do anything about. I think that is Julie doesn't want to go to the doctor she should tell her parent. but Julie doesn't do anything her mom doesn't want her to do. she raher get hurt then tell her mother.

Week 3 Part 1

1) In this section Julie mom is almost strangled to death by her husband. If it wasn't for julie her mom would have been dead. Julie's mom was just trying to talk to him about the kids and finance problems. when Julie saw this happen she quickly ran to the kitchen to grab the gun and point it at her dad's head. after all this has happened Julie's mom relizes that Julie doesn't hate her for all the things she has done to her. Julie's mom has been nicier to julie but still continues to take her to the doctor. When she is tested with many tests but they still don't know what is wrong with her so the doctors usually give Julie pills to help her with her headaches. Julie's mom doesn't really keep track of all the pills that Julie eats but when Julie looks sick her mom just gives her more than what she's supposed to eat. Julie's mom also takes in some foster kids at their house, She's doing this because then she gets child welfare all the other stuff that comes with it like food and money.

2) Julie was born on May 16, 1969. when Julie was little she just had little things like headaches or sore throats. but as time went by her mom kept bring her to the doctor and soon had symptoms of a heart condition and needed surgery. Julie didn't refuse anything her mother wanted to do to her whether it was taking pills, getting surgery, or hurting herself Julie did all of this just to make her mother happy.