Monday, October 8, 2007

Reflection on "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

After reading this book i feel really lucky to be who i am. Just thinking of being in a locked in syndrome is very scary. If i was in a locked in syndrome and the only way to communicate with the outside world was by blinking my eye lid i would be so scared. I do not think i would even want to live anymore and i would never have written a book if i was unable to move. I wouldn't know what to do because i would not be able to talk to anyone. The way Jean Dominique describes how he is in this locked in syndrome must have been really hard i can not even imagine writing a book by a blink of an eye. When I am reading this book i always think about how much time Jean Dominique had on his hand. I also think about if Jean Dominique hadn't written this book we would never know how he lived during the time he was in a locked in syndrome. Not only would it be hard for Jean to communicate, but also it would have been hard for Jean's children to communicate with him. Jean probably wrote this book just to tell us not to give up and even if you can not move you can still accomplish a lot of things. I have also realized that i should be happy with who i am because time if something happens like what happened to Jean Dominique your life could be taken from you in a split second.

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