Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week 5

In this section Julie's mom and Dad are constantly yelling at each other. one day Julie's mom was yelling at Julie's dad and he got so mad he took it out on Julie. Julie's dad grabbed Julie by the head and started yelling at her about dropping her kleenexes everywhere, Julie started tell her dad that it wasn't her but her mom would just say she's always making excuses and not to believe her. Julie's dad believed julie's mom and slammed Julie's head on the corner of the coffee table. At that moment Julie didn't even cry because she was sure that she would die. In that split second she felt relief because she could die and not live in this world anymore. After this has happened Julie finally wanted to come out and tell the world what she was going threw. One day Julie went up to her brother and wanted him to go with her and tell everyone about their parents but when julie asked if he remembered all the things their parents did he just say no and didn't agree to anything julie said. when this had happened Julie went alone to tell her psychologist by herself but they didn't believe her instead they thought Julie was crazy.

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Karly said...

Your blog looks really good. I liked how you included the feelings of your author, not just the events. It really helps to understand why the author whould do something when you know how they are feeling. I would add the book name and author some where on your blog, I am interested in reading the book, but don't know what its called. In all of your posts, you make sure that the reader understands something about the author even though they haven't read the book.