Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3, Part B

In this section Sai gets closer to the cook and the cook becomes friends with sai . they act like family now and they can trust each other. when sai has something she wants to talk about and doesn't know what to do she goes and askes the cook. Sometimes when Sai thinks about it she kind of wished that the cook was her father but whenever the cook talks about his son it's a whole different feeling for Sai. In this section sai reflects her own feelings and thinks though a lot of things. Sai think a lot about her parents and has decided to let her parents go and forget about them so that she wouldn't be as depressed all the time. Sai really wished d=she had a family to love but the closes thing she has is the cook and her grandpa, which is not her real grandpa he is the father of her adopted parents. sai has not said much to her"grandpa" but she feels a connection but doesn't know how to confront him sometimes. Sai's grandpa doesn't really talk but some how sai feels that he cares and wants to do something nice and take care of sai. The cook once talk to sai's grandpa and he said to bring Sai back when he had found out what had happened to sai's parents and if he didn't care he wouln't have had the cook bring sai to his house. In this section there is a bit of confusion but hopfully i will find some answers in the next section.

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