Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4, Post B

In this section i feel that sai finally for the first time since she has moved in with her grandpa she felt like she was part of a family but not with her grandfather. Sai has been wishing to have a mother and father but that can't happen. the Cook has wanted his son to come back but he can't because his son needs to earn money so he can also make a living. Now The cook has treated Sai like his daughter because they see each other every day and they both feel a father daughter connection. The Cook talks to Sai about when he was little and when he was sai's age. sai is really interested because she really didn't know her real parents history so wished to hear about the cook. After reading this section i was kind of confused because the cook forgets about his son in america and acts like he doesn't have a son, just a daughter. I also feel very happy for Sai because she finally found someone she can talk to and someone to love. reading this book it's kind of weird because it never says where sai's grandpa is but he just pops out of no where and starts talking sometimes. in the beginning i thought sai would have a really good relation with her grandfather but it turns out her relationship is better with the cook. It must be really weird for sai to have a better relationship with an outsider than with family.

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