Monday, January 7, 2008

Week 6, Post B

In this section a lot of truth comes out. Lola and Sai have moved into the same room because the house was small and that seemed like the best place to stay. Sai had told Lola why she is here and explained to her what happened to her parents. Lola had also told sai about her life and found out that they have a lot in common and lived almost the same life. What they both didn't get was why their grandfather was so grumpy all the time. Sai and Lola have tried to get their grandfather to talk but he would just answer with a short answer like yes no or maybe. they have tried and tried but their grandfather still didn't say anything. At the end sai and Lola had finally giving up but just as they were heading to their rooms their grandfather spoke. They all sat down in the living room and started to talk the grandfather had opened up and told the both of them why he doesn't talk to them. The reason why he doesn't talk to them is because he thinks it is his fault that both their parents died and have no way to make it up to them. He also said that when they were little he didn't help take care of them so he knows nothing about them. Sai and Lola both told their grandfather that it was not his fault that their parents died and that they never blamed him for that. They also said that just because you didn't care about us when we were little doesn't mean you can't care about us now. After this conversation their grandfather has a lot off his chest and is finally able to communicate with his grandchildren.

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