Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 7, Post B

In this last chapter it wraps everything up. The grandfather now talks to his two granddaughters and have lots of fun together. the cook and biju have finally talked. The most surprising part is that Biju moved in with Sai and Lola and their grandfather because biju had finally realized that family is more important than money . Biju had also realized that no matter how much money you make you can never buy family and friends. Sai has really been though a lot and it's been a long time since Sai has felt like a family. even though this family is different for other families it has changed sai and lola's life. The cook and Biju has the best father son relationship, sai and Lola are best friends and the grandfather now is able to communicate with all of them. Sai now believes that miracles do happen because she was able to go though all the things she went though before and without a miracle she would not be able to have such an amazing household before.

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