Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 1, Post B

I think that in the beginning of this book it does a great way explaining where Sai lives and how it feels to be her. It also shows how scary it is for Sai to live in the house with people she doesn’t really know. I think Sai is very brave because although she doesn’t know the people she is living with, she still tries to communicate with them. Sai has always tried to love the people around her as much as possible all her life but by the time she really connects to them they leave her and now that has really left a scar in her heart because now she doesn’t want to love anymore. Sai is going though a hard life because when she was really little her real parents had already died. Then her foster parents had adopted her but about a year ago her foster parents had both died in Russia so she really doesn’t have any relatives left to care for anymore. After reading the life that Sai is going though I feel very lucky to have all the things that I have. I also fell that all the times I said something were unfair, they really weren’t that unfair compared to the life Sai’s living. This book is really descriptive and very exciting, when you are reading this book it makes you want to keep on reading because one thing chains on to another so once you read one more chapter you want to read the next.

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