Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 2, Post B

In this section it talks about Biju which is the cook’s son. The cook usually talks to Sai about his son and that’s all they talk about. The cook talks about his son so much Sai always says she knows more about Biju than the cook. Sai has never met Biju but knows a lot about him. The cook cares a lot about Biju but Biju doesn’t really care. Biju lives in America and bounces from one job to the next, in the past year he has had over twenty different jobs. Once in a while biju will write to his father but all his letters usually say is don’t worry about me I have a job. Sai doesn’t like how Biju treats his father because Sai really wants a family to care for but doesn’t have one, and Biju has family and doesn’t care for them. Sai really wish she had a family like Biju to love but she doesn’t and every time she thinks about the more she hates Biju. Sai tries writing a letter to Biju to care for his family before they leave you and before you regret it but when Sai asked the cook for the Address of where Biju lives, the cook asked to read it. When the cook read the letter he was furious and got so mad at Sai. The cook had told Sai that if that letter was sent out it would affect Biju and his work so the letter was never sent. The cook in side really wanted Biju to see that letter and really love his father but it would affect Biju in making money. At the end the cook quietly kept the letter in his cabinet and never spoke of it again.

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