Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top Ten List

1. Character: Sai- She is a very quiet child. This book describes how her life was at the top and went straight to the bottom. Sai's parents had died and thought her life was over when her parents died but that all changed when she got a call from her grandfather. she moved in with her grandfather and everything was not back to normal but it was getting better.

2. Theme: family-family was a big part in this book because without family you lose faith. Sai wouldn't have made it though what happened to her parents if her grandfather wasn't there to take care of her. Also lola would not have a place to live and people who care about her if it wasn't from her cousin Sai.

3. Character: Sai's grandfather- He was the person who helped Sai get back up in life when she thought she couldn't. He thought it was his fault that Sai's parents had past away but it wasn't so by the end he had a good relationship with Sai. Sai's cousin lola also moved in with Sai and her grandfather because her parents had past away not long after Sai's. once again the grandfather thought it was his fault because he was not able to protect his family but in the end they forgave each other.

4. Theme: Faith-if sai didn't have faith that she could make it without her parents she wouldn't be where she is now. Sai had faith in her self that she could leave her parents behind and continue living her life she also told her self that if she has faith miracles could happen and things can change. The cook also had faith in Sai because the cook knew that Sai had it in her that she can fight though it and will change someones life one day.

5. Character: Lola- she is Sai's cousin. She also lost her parents like sai and unlike Sai she thought she lost everything and wanted to die. Sai was the one who encouraged lola to keep on going. Sai's grandfather also had invited lola to stay with him. Sai and lola had built a really close relationship because they have gone though the same experiences and know how hard it is.

6. Theme: Trust- Sai had to trust her grandfather because if he was going to give her a worst life then before she would not go back. also she had to trust lola because they lived in the same house and they were family but they still haven't met before and they don't know the other person that well. One of the rason why sai trusted everyone when her parents died was because she thought that no matter what happens it can't be worse than what happened to her parents but now she nows that she can always trust her family.

7. Character: The Cook- the cook is the only person the grandfather lived with before Sai and lola moved in. The cook was the only person that sai's grandfather talked too. the cook was also the person who got sai and lola to talk to their grandfather more. The cook never really had a family so he considered sai and lola part of his family. The cook also never knew how to run a family so he told his son Biju to go to America to earn money but in the end he noticed that he really missed his son.

8. Theme: Forgiveness- Sai's grandfather blamed himself for the death of Sai and lola's parents because he didn't know how to raise a family. When their grandfather asked sai and lola to live with him he was really nervous because he didn't know if he could take care of them. after sai and lola heard about this they went to talk to their grandfather and forgave them. If sai and lola hadn't forgave them they would not have the relationship they have now.

9.Character: Biju- He is the Cook's son. The cook had sent him to America to earn money. Biju and the Cook hadn't spoke in a while except for a couple letters. The cook really missed him because before he thought earning money was important for a good future but now he knows that money was not worth giving up his son. In the end Biju knows how his father feels and goes back to live with his father. even though they pay less where his father lived but he didn't care because he knew he could be with family there.

10.Theme: Communication- If Sai and her grandfather didn't have communication they wouldn't be able to find each other and sai wouldn't have a home. Also the grandfather had to communicate with lola's friend sto find out that her parents had just past away. The cook also had to communicate with biju because if they didn't Biju wouldn't know how his father felt. Without communication this family would not be like this and it's a good thing they communicate now because they can talk about the things they're struggling with and get though them together.


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